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Join A Tribe

DVA Tribes Emblems_Timothy.png

Tribe of Timothy

Vice PresidentH. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas Pulpit Ministers

DVA Tribes Emblems_Epaphras.png

Tribe of Epaphras

Vice PresidentH. E. Ambassador Dr. Nina Thomas

DVA Tribes Emblems_Asher.png

Tribe of Asher

Pastor Penelope Carrington – Interior Design, Hospitality and Church Maintenance & Sanctuary Keepers

DVA Tribes Emblems_Philip.png

Tribe of Philip

Elder Cathy-Anne Forde – Evangelists & Voice Of Compassion Department

DVA Tribes Emblems_Aaron.png

Tribe of Aaron

Elder Shaka Jones – Church Office, First Lady’s Office, Prophet's Office, Creative Department & Intelligence

DVA Tribes Emblems_Mordecai.png

Tribe of Mordecai

Elder Jennifer Highland Protocol, and Communications Division & Public Relations

DVA Tribes Emblems_Asaph.png

Tribe of Asaph

Elder Dionne Brathwaite-Gibson – Naba Band, Audio & Visual, Sound & DVA Drama Department

DVA Tribes Emblems_Shallum.png

Tribe of Shallum

Pastor Hyacinth Brathwaite – Altar Workers, Ushers & Security Department

DVA Tribes Emblems_Joseph.png

Tribe of Joseph 

Business Development and Entrepreneurial Empowerment & Networking

DVA Tribes Emblems_Nehemiah.png

Tribe of Nehemiah

Elder Laurel Peterson – Business Professionals & Kingdom Financiers


Tribe of Obed-Edom

Pastor Gaynor Haynes – DVA Cell Groups 

DVA Tribes Emblems_Titus.png

Tribe of Titus

Apostle Dinah Daytes – Administration of DVA Stewards Programs, Discipling of DVA New Believers through teaching, baptism & follow up.

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