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Cathy-Anne Forde


Cathy-Anne Forde is a naturally-gifted Administrative leader who has a mandate to administrate the delivery of projects and programs from Heaven. She is detailed oriented with a gift of order that complements her ability to effectively and efficiently organize projects and events.

She has graduated from the College of Visionaries with an Associate Degree in Ministry Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Ecclesiastic Leadership and Chaplaincy. She is a certified Chaplain with a Diploma in Chaplaincy from the Canadian International Chaplaincy Association.


Cathy-Anne is the author of the book Lexie and a writer for the Activated Women Magazine. She is an Evangelist, Intercessor, and Youth Minister and also serves in the ministry as an Elder and teacher of the Word. She is the Founder and CEO of DEVEL-OP, a company that offers Book Coaching, Ghost Writing, Proofreading, and various editing services for most literary works. Cathy-Anne is committed to serving her gifts and time for the advancement of God’s agenda on the earth.

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