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Uncommon Women Institute 

Uncommon Women Institute

The Girls to woman institute, we provide a rites of passage service for girls ages 13-19. The purpose o the program is to equip teenagers with instruction and essential tools to assist and guide them as they navigate through the stages of teenage years and unto womanhood.


Teenage years are critical, and as girls transition from one phase to another it is key for them to build upon prior knowledge and expand their mindsets to receive advanced information which will be beneficial to their personal development and future selves.

Seven modules were created as a guide to follow, and each session will be coached in diverse ways.

Participants are expected to receive instruction, illumination, inspiration and impartations of wisdom throughout the sessions.

The Girls to Women program will commence every fourth Saturday of the current month for 2 hours, for the duration of 1 year.  Upon completion, there will be a graduation ceremony and participants will receive a diploma in Personal Leadership.

Solid principles, positive reinforcement and active participation are all essential building blocks for the success of each participant.

Our aim is to deliver content which will shape minds, create new thought patterns and perspectives, chart a path for transition and development and produce distinguished women.

Below is a brief overview of each module and topics to be completed.

Module 1

The Bible tells us that God created a female as a suitable partner for a male, as a companion and helpmate. We know that the male was created the stronger of the two in both physical stature and strength.  Whereas the female though strong is the weaker vessel, she was created less rugged and more delicate and graceful. Although at times they share similar interests they are not the same. They think, process and act on two different sides of the spectrum.

In this module we focus on gender strengths with emphasis on women and how they present themselves in different spheres. Participants will learn how to dress for their body type and how to relate with the opposite sex.


  • Gender strengths

  • Difference between men and women

  • Different body types of women/Different types of clothing (. e.g., Executive Casual Work attire. Elegant.)

  • Relations with the opposite sex

  • Difference between how men and women relate

  • Sexual dysfunction and sexual wholeness in women

Module 2


Each person came to the earth with a gift(s); however, some are unaware of their giftedness due to ignorance and, or untapped hidden potential. Therefore, they live life uncertain and unaware and can become weary while seeking to find fulfillment through personal ambition and educational achievements. They search for answers in common places like google because they lack knowledge of self.

Your uniqueness is expressed and can be experienced through your gifted self however you need to discover the gifts you received before you were formed in the womb. Once revealed you will understand the power you carry and when developed and opportunities are presented you will function the way you were designed.

In this module participants will learn about giftings and engage in self-discovery workshop to help discover areas they were born to function in.


  • Discover uncommon gifts in you

  • Discover the spheres of leadership you were born to function in

  • A journey to self-discovery

  • Workshop/ Discover Giftings

Module 3

Daily we make decisions, which can range from simple to challenging, and if we are honest with ourselves at times decision making can become a bit overwhelming. One must decide which clothes to wear, which parent to spend the weekend with, whether to attend a particular party or which career path to take.  Sounds stressful right?

 Decisions impact lives, a hasty decision can produce a negative effect, which can result in you having to suffer undesirable consequences with long term effects. However, a sound decision is favorable, can create opportunities and generate positive outcomes and beneficial effects.

In this module you will learn and understand the dynamics of decision making


  • A woman and her decisions

  • Financial and career decision making

  • Family and relationship decision making

  • Romantic decision making

Module 4

When God created Eve, she became the mother of creation. Women excel in strength; they are carriers of their unborn children and mothers of destiny.

When you think of motherhood what is your initial thought? Do you think about your biological mother or an auntie, who raised you? Maybe you are thinking of a mother figure, someone who has been investing in your wellbeing like a mentor, teacher, or spiritual leader who instructs, guides and holds your hand throughout your journey to becoming a better you.

Mothers are important. Your biological mother sustains you in the womb, providing you with all the nutrients you need to become healthy and strong. Additionally, she is usually one of the first people who held you in arms as you made an entrance into this world. She nurtures, dresses, protects and care for you through God-given maternal instincts and abilities. However, spiritual mothers and mentors are undeniably equally important. They provide a spiritual platform through mentorship and God given instruction to assist you in the fulfillment of destiny.

This module will teach you about the importance of motherhood. A contrast will be made between natural and spiritual mothers and the role each play in raising children/ women of distinction.


  • Women and motherhood

  • The God kind of mother

  • Different types of mothers (. e.g., Physical Spiritual Mentor)

  • A woman's relationship with her mother

  • Raising children of distinction

Module 5

Communication is a medium through which information flows. It is used in every sphere of life, from elementary through tertiary levels, for the purpose of business and leisure – at home, church, school socially, politically and for entertainment purposes. It is a useful and essential tool for sending and receiving data to any arena around the globe.  Daily we need to share our thoughts, express ourselves and ideas to connect with people and to build relationships.  Therefore, we need to learn how to communicate effectively.

In this module we will discuss different types of communication with emphasis on communicating to be understood.  Participants will learn how to apply tools necessary to become an effective communicator.

  • Women and their communication

  • Understanding the world, you live in

  • Communicate to be understood

  • Handling conflict

  • Creating boundaries in relationships

  • Having hard Communication Conversations



Module 6


Women are special species with distinct genetic functionalities made in Gods image exactly the way he intended.  Research indicates that women are more emotional than their male counterparts. For example, when they encounter challenges, they confront and respond to situations in dissimilar ways. They view life through different lenses, women possess abilities of sensitivity and expression, they love to share and express feelings.  When vulnerable one can meet a stranger and share their life's story in a moment. They have the potential to mask their feelings and may laugh when they are happy and smile when they are experiencing moments of sadness and pain. However, if they   are unable to manage emotions this will be detrimental to self and possible purposeful relationships

This module will discuss the importance of possessing healthy emotions and its overall benefits to body, soul and spirit. You will gain an understanding about reasons why females may become moody and have fluctuating emotions. Lastly, you will learn how to manage sexual feelings and unhealthy desires and how to overcome emotions which were caused by toxic situations


  • A woman and her emotions

  • Overcoming fluctuating emotions

  • Overcoming toxic emotions

  • Building healthy emotions

  • Managing sexual emotions

Module 7


Enemies are everywhere, they are present at our schools, where we work, at events we attend, social gatherings, in our friends' groups and sometimes they even lurk inside our homes. Enemies are opposition, they are hostile towards you and will always celebrate your downfall and not your elevation.

 As you journey through this life you will encounter two types of enemies- Physical enemies are sometimes people you know, you can see, touch and hear when they tell lies and say curses against you. They operate upon the earth.

 However, Spiritual enemies operate in the realm of the spirit, this is the invisible realm, you are unable to see them with your natural eyes, however if you are spiritual, you can discern them. These spirits are responsible for causing you not to achieve great things because they alter your destiny.

No one is exempted, whether you are good or evil, rich or poor Christian or unbeliever at some point you will encounter enemies.

This module will break down different types of enemies, you will learn how to deal with physical enemies who attack naturally.  You will be exposed to materials and resources showing how they intentionally scheme to assassinate your character, lie and steal from you and even cause you physical harm.  In addition, you will also learn how to combat spiritual enemies using prayer as a weapon. Prayer is a defense and it's significant that you build and maintain an active prayer life.


  • A woman and her enemies.

  • Spiritual enemies

  • Environmental enemies

  • How to handle enemies close to you

  • Building a prayer life.

  • Self-defense class

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