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Daidre Leacock


Ms. Daidre Leacock is an ordained Reverend and the Mentorship and Counselling Pastor at Divine Visitation Assemblies. Through the wisdom of the Word of God, she decodes parables and the scripture to guide people in the fulfillment of their destiny and unveil the unique blueprint God has created for them.

Within the Caribbean Israel Group, in her Business Development & Cyber Security Director capacity, she works with countries in the region to develop their Cyber Security shield through the training of its people and introduction of the newest Cyber technology available through their Israeli partners. Her acute awareness of the financial barrier many countries in the region face in developing critical sectors, has been the driving force for her to create a bridge between viable projects and investments as well as the opportunity for countries to have access to restructure their debt.

In her entrepreneurial capacity, she is a Financial Coach who works with people and organisations to reconstruct their personal and business finances to increase revenues and leave a legacy. With 10 years experience in the finance and business development industry in both small and large corporations, she is intimately aware of what drives organizations and how cultural norms, and mindsets shaped many decisions. Her goal is to transform lives generationally, leaving the earth having fulfilled her life’s purpose.

She completed her Associate Degree in Ministry Leadership through College of Visionaries and was ordained through Fresh Anointing and Wisdom Network. She holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of the West Indies, a Certificate in Financial Risk Management from the Barbados Institute of Management & Productivity and currently pursuing certifications in Project Finance and Private, Public Partnership and Financial Coaching.

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