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Hyacinth Brathwaite


Hyacinth Marietta Brathwaite, a mother of five was born in this beautiful island of Barbados to Charles Haynes and Edna Yearwood, raised in a Christian home where the foundation of her spiritual journey began.


Having a Christian background, naturally led her to being a part of a church where she actively led the Women’s Ministry and was also a worship leader. However, she knew there was always something missing and more to discover about her calling.


A few years later being led by the Holy Spirit, she attended Divine Visitation Assemblies under the leadership of Dr. Andre Thomas & Prophetess Nina Thomas, where she discovered her God-given purpose.


Pastor Hyacinth is currently one of the senior pastors and elders of the ministry, where she is assigned as Pastor of one of the satellite churches located in the Pine, St. Michael (DVA Pine).


Her ultimate desire is to preach the salvation message to the unsaved, lead them to Christ and teach them how to be led by the Holy Spirit so that their lives can be victorious.

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