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Rivers of Healing is held once a month, where the Man of God prays for the sick with signs, wonders and miracles occurring.

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“I believe in the willingness and power of God to heal in the name of Jesus Christ. As a young teenager, I was healed of two incurable diseases and have received grace to administer healing along with my team to you and your loved ones who need healing in their body or emotions.” - Founder - H. E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas


To take the rivers of physical healing and emotional healing to the nations.


We hold two (2) special types of Rivers of Healing events, where we build the faith capacity of the person seeking healing and then administer the healing power of God. These events are focused on physical or emotional healing.

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To participate in the Rivers Of Healing International sessions, registration is required.

Rivers of Healing DVA

Rivers of Healing Registration

All information will be held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with any third parties.

Thank you for registering.You're about to walk into your healing!

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